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French Polynesia, a/k/a Paradise

The stuff of luxury travel dreams, French Polynesia, or Tahiti, is a mainstay of upscale bucket lists. Pic: Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora. Those plush huts are OWBs: overwater bungalows, the South Pacific's signature accoms. Aah, French Polynesia.  

French Polynesia, Enchanted Atoll
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Santa Fe's Most Exciting Eats & Drinks, from Haute to Humble

Friday April 18, 2014
Chef Martin Rios

Regular readers of Luxury Travel know that I'm besotted by Santa Fe, New Mexico. It's an inspired luxury travel destination, and the food is fantastic.

This town of 65,000 boasts more fine restaurants than many cities 50 times its size.

Margarita Santa Fe
  • New Mexico's chow isn't Mexican, or Tex-Mex, or Arizona Southwestern
  • Santa Fe chefs have masterminded unique New Mexican cuisine
  • Geronimo restaurant Santa Fe
  • It showcases the Roadrunner State's Spanish and Pueblo heritage and its agricultural bounty
  • And if you can handle them, New Mexico's incendiary chiles

It's basically impossible to get a bad meal here.

Chris Milligan Bartender Secreto Santa Fe

I've corralled Santa Fe's divine dining in two articles that tip you off to the can't-miss places and the most delicious dishes and drinks.

Horseman's Haven Santa Fe Carne AdovadaPhotos from top: Chef Martin Rios of Restaurant Martin; Fresh raspberry margarita at Fuego; Santa Fe bouquet at Geronimo; Mixologist Chris Milligan of Secreto Lounge; Chef Eric DiStefano Santa Fe Chef Andrew Cooper's short ribs at Terra Restaurant; Carne adovada at Horseman's Haven; Chef Eric DiStefano of Geronimo and Coyote Café; (below) the marquee item at Kakawa Chocolate House. All ©Karen Tina Harrison Kakawa Chocolate Santa Fe

Montreal Jazz Festival, Fun & Fabulous, Coming June 26th

Tuesday April 15, 2014
Montreal Jazz Fest

A music festival is a great way to experience a destination. It settles the question of "what should we do tonight?" And music-fest T-shirts are the best.

Speaking of superlatives, the Montreal International Jazz Festival is the world's biggest and best jazz fest.

Montreal Jazz Fest Karen Tina Harrison

Its performers and concerts are sensational. And its timing, during French Canada's brief but delicious summer, is inspired.

The Montreal International Jazz Festival erupts for the 35th year from June 26 through July 6. It's got lots to love: 1,000 concerts and events; 3,000 musicians from 30 countries.

This season's artists include legends like Michael Bublé, Keith Jarrett, Diana Ross, Bobby McFerrin, Brad Mehldau, Randy Brecker, Dianne Reeves, Ginger Baker, Roy Hargrove, and many other icons and stars-to-be.

Montreal Jazz Festival concert Photos: top ©Jean-François Leblanc/Montreal International Jazz Festival; fast festival friends (that's me at right, Karen Tina Harrison); above & below, Frédérique Ménard-Aubin/Montreal International Jazz Festival. Montreal Jazz Fest concert

Four Seasons Resort Rancho Encantado Santa Fe: Cowboy Deluxe

Monday April 14, 2014
Four Seasons Santa Fe

Santa Fe, New Mexico is one of America's most distinctive destinations. Credit its vivid high-desert panorama and its exotic hybrid culture (Old Spanish, Pueblo, Wild West).

Santa Fe magic hour

Many Santa Fe visitors, especially first-timers, like to stay downtown near the historic Plaza. But it would be a shame not to come face-to-face with the glorious landscape.

I think that the ideal Santa Fe visit would entail a few nights in town and a few more amidst the landscape.

Diablo Canyon Santa Fe

For nature immersion, I recommend Four Seasons Resort Rancho Encantado Santa Fe a mere 10 minutes from the Plaza. Among its lures:

Pics including below: ©Four Seasons Resort Rancho Encantado Santa Fe. Exceptions: Santa Fe landscapes: magic hour, Diablo Canyon, aspens ©Karen Tina Harrison

Rancho Encantado fire pit

How to Sleep Better Everywhere: on the Plane, at the Hotel, & Back Home

Friday April 11, 2014
Plane window

When you fly business or first class, or in a private jet, you know you're going to fly comfortable.

Flying coach, you're the master of your own fate. You must do everything in your power to improve your flight experience.

Plane window sunrise

That means getting a better seat and carrying on what you need for enhanced comfort.

I'm a carryon ninja, hand-carrying my two small bags, including my inflight kit, onto the plane. In the kit:

Bora Bora view Cabeau sleep mask

Pics from top: Three views from the plane, the last of Bora Bora in French Polynesia ©Karen Tina Harrison; Midnight Magic Sleep Mask and Evolution Flight Pillow ©Cabeau; Cosmopolitan-of-Las-Vegas-Hotel-Terrace-Suite-Bedroom.jpg Suite bedroom at ©Four Seasons Resort Nevis; Terrace Suite at ©The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas; (below) Anya, the Sleep Concierge at ©The Benjamin Hotel NYC. Benjamin Hotel NYC Sleep Concierge

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