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Christine Lim, Guest Author

Bio of Luxury Travel's Word-Obsessed, iPhone-Enamored Contributing Writer


Christine Lim, Guest Author

Borderless photo: Luxury Travel Guest Author Christine Lim's passport pic.

Christine Lim, Luxury Travel Guest Author

Where do luxury travel and daybreak blogging intersect? Meet Christine Lim, Luxury Travel's youngest Guest Author and a person of myriad passions besides.

Among Christine's interests are authentic travel, cultural patterns, food and spirits, documentary production, and her iPhone 4S, on which she is capable of writing 1,000-word articles.

Christine's Background

Christine was born in 1986 and grew up in the great state of New Jersey. As of summer 2012 she was recharging her iPhone in Palisades Park in Bergen County. But, she says, "No one – including me - knows where I will pop up next. It could be the Upper West Side of Manhattan; Seoul, Korea; or Kennebunkport, Maine, in bug-rich August."

In pursuit of her A.B. from the University of Chicago, Christine studied an eclectic array of subjects, from political science to visual art. She produced a short documentary film about local "Lolita fashion." And, she confides, "I drank a truly shocking amount of coffee."

Christine & the Art of Writing

Christine has been writing her whole life. She recalls, "In first grade, when we were assigned vocabulary words to put into sentences, I figured out a way to use all 25 words in one sentence. That's when my yarn-spinning began."

Nowadays, writing is the core of Christine's work. She has generated publicity for restaurants and authored marketing copy for a glamorous plastic surgery practice. These days she blogs for cultural sites and tutors college-bound students in the fine points of composition.

"What's true for me as a writer is true for me as a traveler," Christine says. "I'm detail-oriented and comprehensive, predisposed to helplessly observe and absorb every last sight, sound, scent, taste, and texture of a place or experience."

What Christine Treasures About Travel

Christine heeds the call of the open road. Recently, she made an impromptu road-trip pilgrimage back to the Windy City. "Just as in cooking, overhandling a trip can dull the results," she says. "Live free and travel spontaneously!"

"Travel can move people," Christine believes. "Leaving your comfort zone makes you think about your place in the world -- geographically, personally, symbolically. And anything that has the power to inspire someone, be it a cool place you didn't know before, a great restaurant meal, or experiencing caring hotel service, deserves respect and deliberation."

"For me, travel is more than a few days of basking in luxury," Christine says. "Travel humanizes your daily life. That is the luxury that lingers long after the trip ends. Travel crystallizes the human experience: seeing, savoring, learning, meeting. You never forget how a place and the people you met there made you feel."

"What I love most about travel is the chance to fall naturally into conversations with locals anywhere about their hometown or region, or just life in general. Most people have a handful of great stories and insights to share, and they jump at the chance of having someone new to tell them to."

"Since I live near New York City, now I'm the local opening up to visitors," Christine admits. "No matter where, people want to connect. If I can strengthens the human connection by helping a tourist with a map or publishing a good story in Luxury Travel, then I'm happy."

Where to Connect with Luxury Travel's Young & Restless Intellectual, Christine Lim

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