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Eric Levin: Golf & Food Writer & Luxury Travel Guest Author

Bio of Eric Levin, Food Writer, Golf Correspondent, Editor, Photographer


Eric Levin: Golf & Food Writer & Luxury Travel Guest Author

Eric Levin, Luxury Travel guest author.

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Eric Levin, a People Person

Eric Levin grew up in northern New Jersey and earned a degree in journalism, cum laude, from Boston University. He wrote a national column for TV Guide and was a senior editor at Us Weekly in its early years.

Eric then spent 22 years at People as a writer and senior editor. In 1995 he was the founding editor of People.com. As editor of special projects at People, Eric oversaw books and special issues about the British Royals, Women in Hollywood, Country Music, and the Most Intriguing People of the Century.

After leaving People, Eric launched a successful freelance career. His writing has appeared in high-end publications including The New York Times, Discover, Departures, Food Arts, New Jersey Life, and New Jersey Monthly.

An avid golfer, Eric was a regular contributor to Travel + Leisure Golf and Golf for Women. He has reviewed golf books and written about golf courses in Prince Edward Island, Liverpool, Atlantic City, Long Island, and New Jersey. Golf aficionados and personalities Eric has profiled include Donald Trump and son Donald Jr., Mario Batali, British Open champion Scott Hamilton, long hitter Hank Kuehne, and instructor Roberto Borgatti.

Eric has served as executive director of the publishing company Classics of Golf, which is dedicated to preserving the classic works of golf literature. He is a member of the Metropolitan Golf Writers Association.

Eric Levin as Foodie

Eric's article for Food Arts magazine, "Monsieur Feret Builds His Neighborhood Dream House," detailing a Manhattan restaurateur's response to 9/11, was collected in the book Best Food Writing, 2003, edited by Holly Hughes. Eric's New Jersey Monthly feature about an innovative, self-taught chef, "The Wizard of Zod," was a finalist for the 2010 award in food writing from the City and Regional Magazine Association.

Since 2005, Eric has been senior editor of New Jersey Monthly, where his duties include restaurant reviewing and editing all dining coverage. He has produced NJM issues focusing on Garden State pizza, burgers, diners, brunch, Italian food, and seafood.

Also a devoted cook, Eric knows whereof he writes. He has peeled potatoes and sliced calamari under the supervision of chef Luca Valerin in the kitchen of Osteria Giotto, a terrific Italian restaurant in Montclair, New Jersey. Eric has also worked the salad and dessert stations at the DePuy Canal House in High Falls, New York, under chef John Novi. He has been an editorial consultant to Eric Weiss, founder of Service Arts, Inc., who lent his expertise to Luxury Travel for our definition of great hotel service.

Eric Levin as Photographer

Eric studied photography at Boston University and has been taking pictures, both journalistically and artistically, ever since. Photos in Eric's "JCNJ," a multi-year project of street photography in Jersey City, New Jersey (Eric's birthplace) were purchased by Richard Lacayo, photography and later art critic of Time. Lacayo wrote about Eric's 2006 solo show, Corners, at Studio Montclair in Montclair, New Jersey, "Eric does not take easy pictures. What he takes are subtle, witty and intricate ones."

Eric's photo blog, Plain Sight, appears daily on New Jersey Monthly's website. Eric's photography books, available on blurb.com, include I'll Be Right Back: The Bathroom Pictures; Still Life Never Sleeps; Edible Complex; and Souls Have Shapes. A number of Eric's restaurant-bathroom pictures were featured in Gastronomica: The Journal of Food and Culture.

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