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Max Jacobson: Vegas Legend & Luxury Travel's Gadabout Gastronome

Bio of Max Jacobson, Multilingual Food & Travel Expert


Photo of restaurant reviewer Max Jacobson of Eating Las Vegas and luxurytravel.about.com.

Luxury Travel Guest Author Max Jacobson.

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Max Jacobson: Vegas Legend & Luxury Travel's Gadabout Gastronome

Max's annual guide to Sin City dining, Eating Las Vegas

Max Jacobson: Vegas Legend & Luxury Travel's Gadabout Gastronome

Joel Robuchon hopes that Max will like his dish.

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Important News Regarding Max:

In December, 2013, while walking to his Vegas gym, Max was struck by a texting driver. He suffered serious head injuries, and as of January 2014 is in an acute-care hospital, fighting to regain consciousness and recover. To find out more and to help Max, please read about the benefit dinner series launched by his restaurant friends: Chefs to the Max!

Update: as of February 2014, Max is comfortable in the acute-care facility, watching NCAA basketball and recuperating by sleeping a lot. Friends and fans, you can track Max's progress at CaringBridge

Update: as of March 2014, Max is starting to speak and eat, two things he does very well. Stay tuned and think good thoughts about the Gadabout Gastronome!

Max Jacobson's Background:

Max Jacobson is a food, wine, and travel writer with over 25 years' expertise and a devoted following (5,000+ Facebook Friends!)

A native Bostonian, Max left a doctoral program in Linguistics at the University of Wisconsin at Madison to report on food and restaurants for the Los Angeles Times.

Explains Max, "I wrote a long letter to the dining editor, pointing out inconsistencies in the paper's Chinese food reviews. She hired me to see if I could do better." Max adds, "I had the reviewer job for 15 years."

Max Jacobson Today:

Max relocated from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in 1999 at the urging of his friend Wolfgang Puck, the first celebrity chef to open shop in Vegas.

Max caught a cresting wave and has been Sin City's premier dining critic ever since. He's a Vegas macher -- bigshot --who seems to be everywhere at once. He writes for a batch of newspapers, magazines, and websites, and he hosts dining events, festivals, and KNPR programs.

Says Max, "I've reviewed thousands of Vegas eateries ranging from battered carts ladling up Pueblan goat stew to Michelin-starred French culinary shrines." He is a co-author of Eating Las Vegas, the city's indispensable dining guide, updated annually.

Max has traveled to all 50 states and to "95 countries, give or take," he says. When he's not dining, writing, or traveling, Max can be found cycling in Southern Nevada's mountains or plying his luck in a Vegas casino's Texas Hold 'Em poker room.

Max Jacobson's Unique Ability:

There's more than one elite food and travel writer in the United States. But not a one shares Max's inimitable attribute. He speaks over a dozen languages including French, Spanish, Italian, Finnish, Swedish, German, Serbo-Croatian, Japanese, Cantonese, and Bahasa Indonesia. (He can get by in Danish, Estonian, Greek, Hindi, Korean, Lithuanian, Mandarin, Nepali, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, and Yiddish.)

"Because I can talk to the locals pretty much wherever I travel, I can really get into the culture and cuisine," says Max. "I strive for my food and travel writing to convey this insider sense, and give my readers a real 'you are there' feeling."

Order Max's annual guide to Sin City dining, Eating Las Vegas >>

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