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Sara Liss: Luxury Travel Guest Author, Now About's Resorts Expert

Biography of Sara Liss, Miami Travel Writer & About's Resorts Expert


Sara Liss: Luxury Travel Guest Author, Now About's Resorts Expert

Sara Liss, Luxury Travel Guest Author.

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Note to readers: In March 2014, Sara became the Expert at the new resorts.about.com. Please see what she's up to now!

Luxury Travel Guest Author Sara Liss has been around. She grew up in Worcester, Massachusetts (and admits to harboring a special love for the New England accent). She did a pre-college year in Israel that involved "hitchhiking through the Judaean Desert, hanging with Israeli neo-hippies, and eating way too many borekas at Jerusalem's Mahane Yehuda farmers' market," she says. "It's safe to say I developed my wanderlust that year."

Back in the U.S., Sara attended Barnard College of Columbia University in New York City. She now lives in Miami and travels the world.

The Writing Life of Sara Liss:

Sara's serious journalism jobs have taken her back to the Middle East, where she was a reporter for the Associated Press's Jerusalem bureau and for Time Out Istanbul.

Sara is now the editor of UrbanDaddy Miami, a daily email magazine. She writes a dining column for Miami.com and the Miami Herald called First Look.

Sara's articles on the Miami dining and design scenes are published in local and national media including Miami Modern Luxury, 944 Magazine, Florida Travel + Life, Home Magazine, and others. As if she weren't busy enough, Sara maintains the South Florida lifestyle blog AllPurposeDark.

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