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G2G, Getaway 2 Give: Philanthropic Luxury Vacation Club to Have Fun & Do Good


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G2G, Getaway 2 Give: Helping Luxury Travelers & Vacation Homeowners Give Back
G2G, Getaway 2 Give: Philanthropic Luxury Vacation Club to Have Fun & Do Good

The Pierre Hotel New York atop Central Park offers a special rate to members of the G2G Collection.

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What G2G Is & What It Provides

G2G is the world's first philanthropic vacation club. G2G -- the Getaway 2 Give Collection -- is a US-based company launched in 2012. G2G provides vacation properties for upscale members who are luxury travelers.

G2G is a twist on voluntourism; members enjoy a luxury vacation while their money goes to great causes. G2G's motto is Travel Beyond the Destination, and its mission is to raise $1 billion dollars for great causes.

G2G provides members with substantial savings on stays in luxury villas as well as luxury hotels and elegant yachts.

G2G also manages high-end vacation homes whose owners want to do good by offering them to the G2G Collection. G2G manages all the logistics. (More about this below).

What's Unique about G2G?

G2G is not like other vacation clubs. With G2G, a full 50% of the membership fee goes to the cause of the member's choice, as a tax-deductible charitable contribution.

Members not only have a good time, they do good for others. "Everyone benefits from G2G," founder Adam Capes told me.

"Members experience fantastic getaways at a hugely reduced price. They feel the joy of helping a deserving cause. And the people whom they enable, whether homeless hurricane victims or hungry children, live better lives."

Who Is the G2G Collection?

G2G is part of The Giving Plan, a company that organizes various businesses focused on intelligent philanthropy.

Who Is G2G For?

G2G is a luxury travel club for upscale individuals and families with a strong commitment to "giving back." Says Adam, "The G2G Collection helps families vacation well and make the best use of their coveted time together while helping others."

The other side of the G2G coin: the owners of vacation homes that members enjoy reap financial and philanthropic benefits.

How Much Does G2G Cost to Join?

G2G's membership initiation fee was $15,000 US as of January 2013.

Of this initiation fee, fully half ($7,500) goes directly to the charity of the member's choice.

What Are the Levels of G2G Membership?

G2G memberships are available in two styles:

  • Individual Unlimited Plan: Member or spouse/partner must be in residence (no limit to number of rentals)
  • Friends & Family Plan: Share membership with multiple individuals and relatives (rentals have certain restrictions per person)

What Are G2G's Membership Costs After Joining?

Membership costs $5,000 annually.

What Do G2G Vacations Cost Members?

Vacation properties are available by per-stay charges, like most vacation villas and hotels suites. These members-only fees reflect significant savings, typically between 30% to 60% off standard rates.

G2G charges the homeowner a management fee of 15% of the total rental. Of these funds, 5% is donated to charity, evenly split between and the renter's cause and the property owner's cause.

Will G2G Be Your Travel Style?

G2G may be your kind of vacation if:

  • You like the idea of saving thousands of dollars annually on your vacations
  • You have better things to do than fine-comb the Web for a vacation property
  • You will like having one convenient source of high-end vacation options
  • You seek no-doubt-about it luxury: villas, hotels, and yacht charters
  • You value five-star hospitality service, and will appreciate G2G properties' dedicated Destination Managers
  • You have a strong social commitment to helping others less fortunate than you

How Do Vacation Homeowners Benefit from Being Included in the G2G Collection?

G2G acts as its members' vacation villa agent. Benefits to homeowners whose vacation properties are part of the G2G Collection include:

  • Significant increase in rentals throughout the year, including off-peak periods
  • An extensive design and soft-goods refurbishment paid for by G2G
  • G2G's property management for a management fee of 15% of the rental proceeds
  • The satisfaction of giving: one third of these management fees are donated, split between the homeowner's cause and the vacationer's cause

Where are G2G's Properties, & What Are They Like?

G2G's roster of properties is growing rapidly. The company offers dozens, soon to be hundreds, of vacation-home properties to members as of January 2013.

These luxury vacation options include hotels, privately owned vacation homes and condos, and glittering chartered yachts from TradeWinds.

The homes cover beach villas, ski and wilderness lodges, and urban penthouses. G2G has very high standards, and its homes are stringently screened for suitability.

Service at G2G vacation properties is luxury hotel service. G2G properties' Destination Managers act like private concierges. They coordinate transportation; dining and recreation arrangements; purchase groceries pre-arrival and while in-residence; and arrange for housekeeping, babysitting, etc.

Destinations with residences where G2G members can stay include:

  • The world's first grand hotel, the dignified and beautiful The Langham London
  • The Big Apple's ultra-elegant, most brilliantly situated hotel, The Pierre New York
  • A six-bedroom, Midcentury Modern masterpiece in Palm Springs, California
  • Hotel Madeline in Telluride, Colorado
  • A four-bedroom, ski-in, ski-out residence in Deer Valley, Utah
  • Castiglion del Bosco, a vineyard estate in Tuscany
  • Two spectacular cliffside villas on Anguilla in the Caribbean
  • Venetian Grace Bay in Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean
  • A four-bedroom penthouse at Hacienda Beach Club & Residences in Los Cabos, Mexico
  • Thanda Private Game Reserve in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Who Is Behind G2G?

G2G's co-founder and president is Adam Capes, a St. Louis native and Cornell University grad now based in Atlanta. Adam is both a luxury travel entrepreneur and a philanthropist. Through his prior enterprise, Equity Estates, he helped raise over $750,000 for charitable causes.

"I grew up in a family that valued both travel and giving. I wanted to find an easy way to combine the best vacations with effective giving," says Adam. "The fruit of this passion is G2G. As we say here, G2G members explore the world by making it better one fabulous vacation at a time."

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