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Flying in Luxury

Luxury airline travel and flying means that your airline delivers comfort, convenience, reliability, and service, whether you’re flying first class, business class, or economy.

What to Expect When Flying on Private Planes
Your questions answered about flying on private planes and private jets.

How to Pack Light and Travel Carryon Only, and Still Look Good Everywhere
Traveling lighter means traveling happier. Here's how to pack light for vacations and fly carryon only.

Premium Economy Airline Seats
How much more comfortable are premium economy seats, and are they worth the upgrade?

Jetway Private Air, a Jet Broker
The facts about Jetway Private Air, a private plane and jet broker known for no-commitment services and good deals.

PlaneClear, Providing Private Planes & Private Jets for Charter Flights
All about PlaneClear, a company providing private planes and private jets for charter flights.

Magellan Jets' Private Plane Charters "On Demand"
Magellan Jets simplifies private jets with super-comfy, convenient private plane flights on a pay-as-you-go, "on demand" basis.

India Hicks on Traveling Beautiful, Traveling Well
A guide to inflight beauty and health in the air from India Hicks. She's an international model, Princess Diana's bridesmaid, and mother of five on Harbour Island, the Bahamas.

French Polynesia Vacations Begin Aboard Air Tahiti Nui
A tropical French Polynesia luxury vacation commences with your Air Tahiti Nui flight from LAX. The airline's Poerava Class (Business Class) and PoeravaFirst (First Class) are completely worthwhile indulgences. Read all about Air Tahiti Nui in this Honeymoons.about.com profile.

Beware These 10 Myths & Urban Legends About Airline Tickets
You're a luxury traveler. You know how to find the best fares and buy airline tickets. Right? Not necessarily. You could go wrong with these misconceptions about airline fares and tickets.

Is Jet Lag Inevitable? Not If You Fly Smart
Jet lag does not discriminate by airline class. Luxury travelers suffer, too. Fight back with this jet-lag combat manual from About.com's Guide to Senior Travel.

Keep Your Laptop & Its Confidential Info Safe When You Fly
We luxury travelers love our iPads, but sometimes we just have to travel with a laptop for heavy-duty work and presentations. Here's a thorough video on how to keep your laptop safe when you fly, and your data secure.

Best Travel Tips Ever
These travel tips from Luxury Travel's writers will make flying more comfy and your vacation better.

Out-of-this-World Flights on Virgin Galactic
Sir Richard Branson raises the bar for luxury travel -- again -- with Virgin Galactic. Here's essential info about space flights aboard Virgin Galactic from About.com's Honeymoons/Romantic Travel Guide.

Better Sleep & Less Jetlag When YOu Travel
Can a vacation cure sleep problems and jet lag? A sleep doctor tells you what you can do in the air and at your hotel.

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