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What to Expect When You Fly on Private Jets

Private plane travel is liberating. Here's what to know


What to Expect When You Fly on Private Jets

Private flyers: Magellan Jets President Anthony Tivnan (right) and CEO Joshua Hebert.

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The Private Jet Experience

Many luxury travelers are on board with Anthony Tivnan when he says, "Flying private jets is better than even first class on commercial flights." Tivnan is president and co-owner of Magellan Jets, a Boston-based private jet charter company.

“I started Magellan to give passengers ultimate flexibility, convenience, and comfort with their flying," he says. "That's what private jet companies can guarantee." Trip planners at all private jet companies walk clients through every aspect of their flights so they get the private plane experience they want and need.

"And with private jets, it's you the passenger, not an airline, who is calling the shots," says Tivnan. Here, he answers my questions (and yours) about the private jet flight experience.

How Do You Know Which Private Jet to Fly?

"Your jet company will consult with you in detail about your flight plan, your needs, your group size, and your baggage. This way you'll be sure to end up with just the right size jet for your needs," says Tivnan.

Do Private Jets Fly Faster?

Private planes fly around the same speed as commercial jets. But "you often get there sooner because your route may be more direct," says Tivnan. "And you will save a huge amount of on-ground time with private jets' bare-bones check-in and negligible tarmac time."

Private Airport or Commercial Airport?

"Whether you get a better travel experience from a private airport or a commercial airport all depends on your plans," says Tivnan.

Private airport advantages:

  • Clients get "ramp access" from their car
  • Minimal checkin and security procedures
  • No baggage weigh-in or x-raying
  • No baggage pickup
  • Zero wait on the tarmac
  • Often, private airports are closer to your city destination

Commercial airport advantages:

  • May be closer to your city destination, such as Logan Airport in Boston and City Centre Airport in Toronto
  • For passengers, commercial airports are generally easier to find
  • They may offer high-end lounge or VIP facilities, similar to hotel club lounges; private airports tend to have simple departure lounges

What Will Your Private Jet's Seats & Seating Arrangements Be Like?

"Private jet seats are nearly always cushy, comfortable, leather recliners," says Tivnan. "The seats are modular, and can be modified on most jets. Configuration is highly customizable. Ask for what you'd like."

  • If you want to sleep on your flight, request seats that recline, say 154º and more
  • Some planes offer "fill-in mattresses" that form beds out of facing seats
  • You may have one lavatory or more and a shower
  • You can request an area for chatting and lounging, a presentation, or a poker game

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