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Jetway Private Air: Private Jet Charters, Guaranteed Lowest Price


Jetway Private Air: Private Jet Charters, Guaranteed Lowest Price
© Jetway Private Air.
Jetway Private Air: Private Jet Charters, Guaranteed Lowest Price
© Jetway Private Air.
Jetway Private Air: Private Jet Charters, Guaranteed Lowest Price
©Jetway Private Air.

What Jetway Private Air Is & What It Provides:

Jetway Private Air acts as a private-jet broker that provides fully packaged private plane service -- planes and crews -- to individuals and groups. Jetway Private Air furnishes everything from short domestic hops to international long-haul flights.

How Jetway Private Air Works:

Jetway Private Air works as a broker, putting together private-plane journeys for clients. It offers a simple pay-as-you-go model for jet charters.

This style of service is sometimes called on-demand. Jetway Private Air calls its business model buy-as-you fly. This arrangement increases flight flexibility and decreases costs to clients.

Jetway Private Air's "Buy-as-You-Fly" Model Explained

Rather than offering a menu of hourly rates, Jetway Private Air cost-negotiates for each specific trip and customizes details.

There are no contracts, membership fees, or prepayments involved. Every flight plan is its own expense.

Getting Started with Jetway Private Air

The first step: clients with flights in mind contact Jetway Private Air with their travel plans. The company finds them the most convenient and most cost-effective flights and aircraft options.

The setup varies. Sometimes the client will have a plane throughout the journey; sometimes a series of flights works better. Jetway's flight manager and "concierges" handle all the details with an eye to service and safety.

Jetway Private Air's service is international. It serves clients in more than 10,000 airports globally, with 5,500 in the US alone. Airports are both private and commercial.

How Jetway Private Air Differs from Other Private Flight Providers:

Jetway Private Air offers one of its industry's lowest flight costs per hour. The company maintains this distinction by:

  • Cherry-picking aircraft and crews from all of the industry's top FAA-certified providers,
  • Negotiating flight packages on behalf of its customers. 

Jetway Private Air's on-demand program differs from private jet services that are based on other models. (These other arrangements include fractional jet ownership, purchase of time blocks, upfront charges or deposits, minimum-time obligations, or contracts.)

Upshot: Jetway Private Air customers get the flexibility they require and the lowest market pricing for their flight.

How Jetway Private Air Flight Plans Are Customized:

Jetway flights are fully customized to the client's wishes. A highly trained staffer referred to as a flight concierge works with the client to personalize the flight: the itinerary, the aircraft and its configuration, the inflight amenities. Customizable options include:

  • Type of aircraft
  • Flight plan (how, when, where)
  • Pickups, dropoffs, and fly-bys for special events such as a concert, game, or meals
  • The airport (commercial or private) that best suits the client's needs
  • Inflight entertainment
  • Beyond the ever-present flight attendant(s), additional onboard personnel can be requested, such as a massage therapist or bartender

Jetway Private Air offers complimentary onboard catering and drinks on all flights. But premium catering of any kind can be arranged.

Jetway Air's service experts and concierges are available 24/7 to guide customers every step of the way. Once in the air, the company's team of national and international operations experts stay in constant touch with the crew.

Jetway Private Air's Safety Standards:

Jetway Private Air maintains the highest possible standards of jet aviation. The company has a perfect flight record. All its aircraft, airports, and service facilities have been inspected and approved by outside aviation consulting firms including Wyvern and ARGUS.

Jetway Private Air says that safety, compliance, and care are the foundation of all that it does. The company possesses 100% maintenance and safety records as monitored by both the Federal Aviation Administration and third-party inspectors.

Jetway Private Air's Clients:

Jetway Private Air clients are travelers who are disenchanted with commercial airlines. They seek greater flexibility, privacy, and customization.

These clients are a variety of luxury travelers:

  • High-net-worth individuals and families
  • Corporate and business travelers: Fortune 500 executives, entrepreneurs, bankers, sales teams
  • Entertainers, designers, and other celebrities (with their entourages and wardrobes)
  • Professional athletes and teams
  • Movie and TV casts and crews
  • Political candidates on the campaign trail
  • Bestselling authors on book tours
  • Musicians on concert tours
  • Groups of friends going to a concert or game
  • Destination wedding parties and guests

Jetway Private Air's Crews:

JetWay Private Air's pilots are amongst the most experienced in the business. They must:

  • Have a minimum of 2,500 flight hours
  • Undergo regular training at Flight Safety International, the world's leading aviation school

In addition, prior to hiring, Jetway Private Air performs extensive background checks on all pilots, inflight crews, flight managers and concierges, and other ground personnel.

The People Behind Jetway Private Air:

Jetway Private Air is a US-based company established in 2006. It was founded by a team of private aviation professionals with top experience in flight, operations, and regulation. 

CEO Chet Dudzik Jr. spent 27 years in the private aviation industry before founding Jetway Private Air. He formerly served as head of sales at Marquis Jet. "I created Jetway Private Air to expose the inefficiencies of current private jet business models," he says. "Our mission at Jetway is to offer customers the safety, service, and flexibility they require at the industry's lowest cost.

Jetway Private Air maintains corporate offices in Greenwich, CT, and Miami.

Where to Find Out More About Jetway Private Air:

For more information or to get a quote:

  • Jetway Private Air's website
  • Jetway Private Air by email
  • Jetway Private Air by phone 866.809.2198

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