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PlaneClear: Private Jets for Pay-as-You-Fly Charter Flights

The company's clear model: pay as you go, debit-card style


PlaneClear: Private Jets for Pay-as-You-Fly Charter Flights

The choice of CEOS: the Bombardier Challenger 300 private jet, available from PlaneClear jet charters.

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PlaneClear: Private Jets for Pay-as-You-Fly Charter Flights

Interior of a Hawker 800XP private jet.

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What PlaneClear Does For Luxury Travelers:

New York-based PlaneClear is a private plane and jet charter service. It was ounded in 2008 by aviation pro James Chitty. "I wanted to make every aspect of the private jet charter process plain clear,' says Chitty. "My passengers board the jets with confidence. They always know who they're flying with and what the fair market price of their flight is."

PlaneClear provides a personalized, flexible approach to air travel. Use of its jets does not in involve long-term contracts or minimum hour requirements. Says Chitty, "Clients can book exactly what they need when they need it."

How PlaneClear Differs From Other Charter Flight Services:

PlaneClear aims to bring greater transparency to the private jet charter process. Clients have centralized access to information like their pilot's hours, aircraft age, and plane maintenance schedules.

Clients can also check third-party ratings from Wyvern, the leader in aviation safety auditing. (PlaneClear is a Wyvern Authorized Broker, a designation held by only 5% of plane charter brokers.)

PlaneClear does everything possible to make each chartered jet journey is safe and seamless, from booking to arrival. 24 hours prior to scheduled departure, PlaneClear's experienced flight coordinators review the itinerary and flight conditions to identify any situation that could disrupt the flight's progress. The review process includes tracking weather, monitoring airport/FBO conditions, and evaluating passenger and baggage load. During the flight, a PlaneClear "flight follower team" checks that each flight is executed as planned.

Who Flies on PlaneClear:

PlaneClear clients are global, but mainly Americans. They include high-worth individuals and families. Other passengers are business travelers from industries such as finance, manufacturing, and real estate. PlaneClear is also the charter service of choice for many leading music artists, producers, and pro athletes.

Impressively, 70% of PlaneClear flights are taken by repeat clients.

PlaneClear Airports & Aircraft:

More than 6,000 airports are within PlaneClear's global network. The majority are private airports. In general, private airports offer travelers greater privacy and a much more streamlined check-in process than commercial airports.

Most private aviation companies are limited to the jet fleet they have on hand. But PlaneClear works with multiple charter operators to provide customers with the aircraft they specifically request, regardless of their location.

PlaneClear can book a myriad of aircraft types. They range from 120-passenger capacity jumbo jets suitable to sports teams and corporate retreats to sleek, compact turboprop planes like the Learjet 60 or Challenger 300, ideal for families or small executive teams. Specialty aircraft like seaplanes and medical helicopters can be made available, too.

The Inflight Experience on PlaneClear:

PlaneClear aims to furnish a first-class (or better) in-flight experience with maximum comfort, luxury, convenience, and safety.

Regardless of passenger count, every flight chartered by PlaneClear is flown by two pilots, and clients who book larger aircraft also have an onboard flight attendant.

Every optional aspect of a PlaneClear flight is customizable, including:

  • flight plans; passengers can stop to pick up family or friends, or attend a meeting, or catch a concert, auction, or sports event
  • In-flight entertainment (DVDs, music, magazines, newspapers)
  • Snacks and meals (whatever your heart desires) and beverages
  • Additional personnel such as a bartender, masseuse, etc.
  • Before an after your flight, ground transportation or car rental

PlaneClear's Easy-Pay Program:

PlaneClear passengers pay only for their flights, with no membership or maintenance fees.

The company offers a debit-card program that maintains immediate funds for a charter trip. The debit card offers PlaneClear's lowest prices. Clients can choose between two pricing models on a trip by trip basis: a flat fee keyed to the wholesale cost of each trip, or a fixed hourly rate. Funds deposited to the PlaneClear Debit Card never expire and are fully refundable.

Where to Find Out More About PlaneClear:

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