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A-ROSA River Cruises: Europe Close-Up, All Inclusive, with Airfare


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A-ROSA River Cruises Let You See Europe Close-Up
A-ROSA River Cruises: Europe Close-Up, All Inclusive, with Airfare

A-ROSA's river cruise ship, AQUA, sailing past Cologne, Germany.


What Is the A-ROSA Cruise Line?

Germany-based and owned, the A-ROSA cruise line explores Europe's rivers on small, barge-like luxury cruise ships.

River cruising is not common in North America, but is an old tradition on the Continent. Launched in 2000, A-ROSA has modernized this European vacation ritual. Today, A-ROSA ships ply much of Western and Central Europe, and A-ROSA is Germany’s most popular river cruise line.

A-ROSA is now seeking North American passengers. In tandem with an American cruise marketing company, David Morris International, A-ROSA has created a collection of cruises exclusively for the North American market.

These cruises are value-conscious and all-inclusive.

  • Their pricing includes more than cabin, meals, drinks, and tips
  • The all-inclusive rate also covers round-trip air from North America and airport transfers
  • Also included: an impressive lineup of port excursions, which can be very pricey on conventional cruises

Attention, cruise devotees: About's Tourism Industry Guide weighs in on A-ROSA's business side.

What A-ROSA's English-Speaking Cruises Are Like

A-ROSA has earmarked three of its ten vessels for North Americans passengers.

  • Thirteen cruise itineraries undertaken by this trio of A-ROSA ships ply Europe's Rhine, Danube, Main, Saone and Rhone Rivers
  • The ports have been chosen and excursions designed to showcase their destinations
  • Likewise, shipboard services, amenities, and dining have been curated to appeal to transatlantic luxury travelers

These A-ROSA cruises for North Americans set sail in June 2013. Due to weather conditions, itineraries are seasonal, and run through the end of December.

Why Take an A-ROSA River Cruise?

A-ROSA cruises are very popular with Germans, and the company expects to win over North Americans.

  • Overall, river cruises have seen huge increase in demand in recent years; passengers get to see local countryside and port towns withut a moment's driving
  • A-ROSA's modern ships and enjoyable itineraries combine tradition and fun
  • The ships' contemporary aesthetic, impressive amenities and luxury hotel-style service appeal to modern travelers whose first choice in travel might not be a cruise
  • The all-inclusive pricing with airfare and excursions sweetens the deal

My opinion: A-ROSA is an excellent introduction to river cruising. Passengers get to see what they wouldn't otherwise, and the ships are gracious floating hotels.

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