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St. Peter Line Cruise: the No-Russian-Visa Way to Visit St. Petersburg


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St. Peter Line Cruises: the No-Visa Visit to Russia
St. Peter Line Cruise: the No-Russian-Visa Way to Visit St. Petersburg

M/S Princess Maria of St. Peter Line, the no-visa route to St. Petersburg, Russia.

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St. Peter Line in a Nutshell:

St. Peter Line is a cruise ship line whose home port is magnificent St. Petersburg, Russia. The line's two deluxe ships look like cruise ships but act like ferries. They transport passengers on one-night-long cruises to and from St. Petersburg.

St. Peter Line's two cruise ships connect St. Petersburg with other Baltic Sea port cities. These include Stockholm (Sweden), Helsinki (Finland), and Tallinn (Estonia). Ships dock close to or right in the center of town.

Fares are available both one-way and round-trip. Passengers can come from one port to St. Petersburg and return to another, a convenient way for travelers to experience the Baltic's beautiful cities.

St. Peter Line ships are appointed like cruise ships. They offer numerous restaurants, bars, a casino, duty-free store, gym, wi-fi, kids' club and babysitters. The ships' tourism and concierge pros efficiently arrange St. Petersburg tours and excursions. (Many passengers will have already booked hotel rooms with St. Peter Line tourism partners in St. Petersburg.)

The Best Reason to Take St. Peter Line Cruise Ships:

St. Peter Line's two ships provide secure and enjoyable journeys across the Baltic Sea. The ships observe the highest standards of safety and maintenance. They are well-appointed, with comfortable cabins, enjoyable restaurants and bars, a dazzling dance show, and a casino.

But the best reason to take St. Peter Line to St. Petersburg, Russia, is logistical: if you arrive by ship in St. Petersburg, you do not need a Russian visa for stays under three days (72 hours).

Explanation: ordinarily, travel to Russia requires a visa for citizens of every other country, except a few former Soviet republics. And obtaining a Russian visa is your basic visa nightmare. The process is devilishly complicated, time-consuming, expensive, and slow. And you can avoid it if you come by ship and stay under three days. (To stay longer, some St. Peter Line passengers depart St. Petersburg and sail back again.)

Another condition applies to no-Russian-visa visits via St. Peter Line. Your hotel must supply you with a voucher showing that you have reserved a room. This step is relatively simple.

Another condition may apply, requiring the purchase of a St. Petersburg tourism bus ticket. Check with your booking agent. (More no-visa info can be found on St. Peter Line's website.)

Recommended Hotels in St. Petersburg, Russia:

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