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Luxury Link: How Does It Work, Where Can You Go, & Is It a Good Deal?

Would Luxury Link fit it with your travel style? Find out here.


Luxury Link: How Does It Work, Where Can You Go, & Is It a Good Deal?

Ritz-Carlton, Fort Lauderdale, one of many deluxe hotels offered for less on Luxury Link.

© Ritz-Carlton, Fort Lauderdale.
Luxury Link: How Does It Work, Where Can You Go, & Is It a Good Deal?
Deluxe, all-inclusive Zoetry Paraiso Bonita is a LuxuryLink hotel.

What Luxury Link Is and Does

Luxury Link, online since 1997, is the standard-bearer in discounted luxury hotel vacations online. Luxury Link provides packaged stays at over 1,200 luxury hotels and villas, at prices up to 65% off published room rates.

Luxury Link is a repeat winner of various awards from Travel + Leisure, which is Luxury Link's partner in its ultra-exclusive vacationist.com site.

What Kinds of Vacations Luxury Link Offers:

  • LuxuryLink combines forces with its many partner hotels to offer hotel stays of various lengths of time.
  • The hotel name is disclosed, so users are not bidding blind, as they do on "name your price" sites.
  • Some Luxury Link vacations are offered as is: dates, number of nights, room loom level.
  • Other Luxury Link vacations are customizable.
  • All Luxury Link packages ("travel experiences") are enhanced with various perks and extras.
  • Airfare is not a part of the deal.

Luxury Link Works Like an Auction Site (Mostly)

Luxury Link vacations are sold in several ways, auction-style and "buy it now."

  • By auction method. This is usually the best deal. The hotels and dates are set, and auctions last several days. Customers can submit maximum bids to avoid staying glued to the auction. Bids are legally binding, and bidders must submit their credit card info if it's not already on file.
  • Auctions also have a "buy it now" option. With this option, customers can submit their desired dates and number of nights, and are not charged until the desired vacation is booked.
  • "Mystery Auctions" feature hotel whose identity is not disclosed, but is hinted at in Luxury Link's website.

Luxury Link Vacations Exclude Flights

At present, Luxury Link packages exclude airfare. Customers have to book their own flights to their Luxury Link vacation.

However, many Luxury Link vacations are more than hotel stays. They are more like complete vacations, typically with destination activities, breakfasts, and other extras included.

No Cost to Join or Use Luxury Link:

There are no membership charges closing fees, commissions, or other costs to use Luxury Link.

Luxury Link does not offer a loyalty program or frequent-user perks.

What Luxury Link Hotels and Resorts Are Like

Luxury Link offers users over 1,500 hotels and resorts.

Luxury Link partners with numerous major luxury hotel brands. These include:

In addition, Luxury Link offers cruises, private villas, and luxury tours with high-end outfitters.

How Users Find a Hotel or Destination on Luxury Link

There are various ways for users to search for a Luxury Link vacation.

  • By price range.
  • By destination.
  • By auction ending date.
  • For a particular hotel.
  • By a type of hotel (such as all-inclusive).
  • For "Hotels New to LuxuryLink".
  • For a personal interest: golf, spa, culinary, honeymoon, adventure travel, safari, and more.
  • Family vacations have their own sister site, familygetaway.com.

Luxury Link's "Inspire Me" search button is customized to the user. This search function provides vacation deals, including "staycations," based on the user's history, preferences, and location

Customer Service and Travel Planning on Luxury Link:

Luxury Link offers customers a range of travel services and support at no charge.

  • Concierge Service: one-on-one vacation advice and assistance.
  • Luxury Lounge, an online customer community. Features include vacation info, customer opinion and comment forums, personal vacation blogs and photo galleries, and social-media sharing functions.
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