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Top Travel Destinations

The world is full of amazing places that cater to the demanding luxury traveler. Find out about the best destinations here.

Luxury Travel Passions
What's your luxury travel passion? Cruises, skiing, golf, designer shopping? Indulge your travel obsessions.

Elite Destinations for Luxury Travelers
What's your next luxury vacation destination? Start with this guide to the world's best places for luxury travel.

Top 10 Luxury Travel Destinations
The world's 10 very best places for luxury travel vacations.

Bucket Lists, Dream Vacations, & Travel Fantasies
Do you have a travel bucket list? Here, writers from luxurytravel.about.com share their vacation fantasies and bucket lists.

12 Tipoffs that You Are Not a Real Luxury Traveler
Are you a real luxury traveler, or just a hotel snob? Here are the 12 tipoffs of luxury travel wannabes.

World's 10 Best Ecotourism Places, Says Johan Ernst Nilson
The world's best ecotourism destinations for green travel and luxury travel nature vacations.

The World's Best Places to Eat
New York celebrity chef Pichet Ong picks the world's top 10 places to eat: great restaurants, amazing food, delicious dishes.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites: a Reason to Travel
UNESCO World Heritage Sites are the 1,000 places you must see. Find out what and where these cultural destinations are.

Cancun Luxury Travel Guide
What you need to know about Cancun vacations in Maxico, you will find in this handy guide to Cancun travel.

Europa 2 Luxury Cruise Ship Takes You to More Places: 200 Worldwide Ports
Europa 2, Hapag-Lloyd's dazzling small cruise ship, sails to almost 200 ports around the world. How many have been to? Take the quiz.

Punta Mita, Glamorous Luxury Travel Playground on Mexico's Pacific Coast
Why Punta Mita, a beach resort on Mexico's Pacific Coast, has become a glam luxury travel destination for the jet set and golf players.

Experience New York, the Capital of the World
Why "Unique New York" is the place every luxury traveler wants to visit.

Mexico's Los Cabos - "Cabo" - Loves Luxury Travelers & Hollywood Celebrities
Los Cabos is more than a party magnet. Cabo is a sophisticated Mexico beach destination with world-class whale-watching and celebrity-spotting.

The Riviera Maya, Mexico's Most Convenient Luxury Travel Getaway
The convenient, safe Riviera Maya beach region in Mexico is a top getaway vacation destination, ideal for luxury travel visitors from North America.

Santa Fe, New Mexico, Luxury Travel Guide
Find out about Santa Fe, New Mexico, an inspired luxury travel destination with great hotels, dining, museums, galleries, and a spectacular landscape.

Wailea Luxury Travel Guide Maui Hawaii
Wailea is a magnet for luxury travelers to Maui in Hawaii. See why Wailea visitors never get bored.

The 10 Best Luxury Travel Experiences in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Luxury travel to Fort Lauderdale? Here are Fort Lauderdale's best hotels, restaurants, festivals, casinos, shopping, and more.

St. Lucia: Luxury Travel Guide to a Magnificent Caribbean Island
St. Lucia, a stunning Caribbean island of rainforests and volcanic peaks, has become a luxury travel magnet. Here's why.

What Luxury Travelers Love About the Napa Valley
The Napa Valley in Northern California is a luxury travel legend. Here, you will find out just what incredible experiences await you in Napa.

Paris, the Most Romantic Luxury Travel Destination
Are you ready for love? Here are the reasons to visit Paris, a top luxury travel destination.

New York City Celebrities Tell You Their Secret Places
Celebrities who live in New York City talk about My City My New York, from the book of that name, by Jeryl Brunner.

London Luxury Travel Vacation Guide
A luxury travel guide to London.

Monaco, a Legendary & Royal Luxury Travel Destination
Monaco, also known as Monte Carlo, is a royal jet-set vacation paradise on the French Riviera. This handy guide gives you the essentials of Monaco luxury travel: the best hotels, best restaurants, best casino.

Istria Croatia History Wine Adriatic Beaches
Istria, Croatia, is called "the new Tuscany" because it offers ancient villages, luxury villas, good food and wine, and something more: aquamarine Adriatic beaches.

Italy Luxury Travel Guide: Start Planning Your Vacation in "The Boot"
Everything you need to start planning your luxury travel vacation in Italy.

Nicaragua: Authentic & Unspoiled, It's a Great-Value Luxury Travel Hotspot
Nicaragua in Central America is an emerging luxury travel destination. Visitors to Nicaragua can expect beautiful scenery, delicious food, a rich culture, and nice hotels.

Vegas Uncork'd by Bon Appétit: Sin City's Celebrity-Chef Food Festival in May
What makes Vegas Uncork'd by Bon Appétit not just the best celebrity chef food festival in Las Vegas, but one of the best food festivals in the world.

Port Antonio Jamaica Luxury Destination for Hollywood
Port Antonio, once a Hollywood getaway and now an go-to for music insiders, is called "the other Jamaica" for its quiet vibe and unspoiled beauty. Would you like Port Antonio?

Las Vegas, a Luxury Travel Destination that Exists for Visitors
"Fabulous Las Vegas" is a luxury travel legend that delivers. Bet on great hotels, restaurants, spas, shows, nightlife, shopping, and service. Get lucky in Vegas!

Tarquinia, Italy, a Non-Touristy Luxury Travel Destination Near Rome
Tarquinia, Italy, is near Rome but un-touristy, with thrilling Etruscan history and spectacular art and architecture (and best-in-your-life pizza nearby).

Prague: a Must-Visit for Jewish Heritage Travel

Mexico City's Best Luxury Hotels
Mexico City's best hotels are in the center of town. Here the top luxury hotels in Mexico City.

Pamplona, Spain: The Running of the Bulls & Lots More Amazing Experiences
Pamplona in Spain is a legend for its Running of the Bulls in July. But there's more for luxury travelers to Pamplona, like great restaurants and world-class medical care.

What Are Celebrity Chefs Really Like?
A close-up, personal look at Las Vegas's top chefs and celebrity chefs.

Philadelphia, Luxury Travel Getaway for History, Museums, Music, Restaurants
Consider Philadelphia for a luxury travel visit for incredible museums, fabulous restaurants, and amazing American history.

Eurostar Trains from London to Paris & Brussels: Better Than Flying?
All about Eurostar high-speed train from London to Paris and Brussels. Is Eurostar train better than flying from London to Paris?

Toronto's Top Hotels for Luxury Travelers
If you stay only in five-star hotels, this is the list for you. Here, Toronto's very best luxury hotels. Are they top hotels or over the top? You decide.

10 Luxury Travel Reasons to Visit Torino, Turin, Italy
There are lots of reasons to plan a luxury travel vacation in sophisticated Torino, Italy. The Shroud of Turin isn't one of them.

Tahiti, the Tropical Paradise That Lures Luxury Travelers
Why exotic Tahiti, also called French Polynesia, is trophy destination for luxury travelers.

St. Peter Line Cruise, the No-Visa Way to Visit St. Petersburg, Russia
Visit St. Petersburg, Russia, without the headache of aRussian visa. How? Take a St. Peter Line cruise ship.

Eau Palm Beach, a High-Society Beachfront Luxury Hotel in Florida
Find out whether you'll like Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa, an elegant, family-friendly luxury hotel on the beach in South Florida.

Quito, Ecuador: a Thrilling Travel Adventure Amidst Volcanoes of the Andes
Quito, Ecuador's capital, is a unique travel destination, full of history and local color amidst Andes volcanoes. Are you up for a luxury travel adventure?

Galveston Luxury Travel Guide
Galveston is a classic Gulf vacation place with a lot going for it. Here's a guide for luxury travelers considering Galveston Island, Texas. (Our advice: go.)

Atlantic City, a Casino & Beach Getaway Destination for Luxury Travelers
Atlantic City NJ luxury travel guide to Jersey shore hotels, casinos, spas, restaurants.

El Encanto, Santa Barbara's Enchanting, Deluxe Destination Hotel
El Encanto is a legendary luxury hotel in Santa Barbara, California. See what it's like to stay there.

Top 10 Luxury Travel Reasons to Visit Elkhart Lake in Wisconsin
The top 10 reasons for luxury travelers to consider a getaway vacation to Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin (#1 is Road America).

Viceroy Santa Monica, a Sociable Design Hotel Near the Beach in L.A.
Visiting L.A.? The stylish Viceroy Santa Monica Hotel has a chic location near the beach and not far from LAX.

Langham Chicago Luxury Hotel
The Langham, Chicago, is a new luxury hotel set in a Mies van der Rohe masterpiece skyscraper. See if The Langham might become your best Chicago hotel/

A-ROSA River Cruises: Europe Close-Up, All Inclusive, with Airfare
A-ROSA all-inclusive European river cruises are designed for Americans and Canadians. See what A-ROSA's Germany Christmas Markets cruise and other itineraries are like.

Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa Miami Beach Wellness Resort
Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa Miami Beach is a wellness retreat that is also a modern luxury hotel. It offers so much, some guests never even make it to nearby South Beach

India Hicks' Insider Travel Guide to Harbour Island, the Bahamas
India Hicks' insider travel guide to Harbour Island in the Bahamas, known for pink sand beaches, where this British-born model and designer lives.

Viceroy Zihuatanejo Resort: Tropical Splendor on a Legendary Mexican Beach
Viceroy Zihuatanejo is a low-key, upscale resort and luxury hotel on a perfect beach in Zihuatanejo, Mexico. Would you like it?

India Hicks: Why I Live On and Love Harbour Island in the Bahamas
Model India Hicks, Princess Diana's bridesmaid and Crabtree & Evelyn spokesperson, lives on Harbour Island in the Bahamas. Here, she describes her life.

Le Negresco, a Legendary Hotel in Nice on the French Riviera
If you visit Nice on the French Riviera, Le Negresco is the hotel name to drop, and the place to stay.

Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows, Beachfront Luxury in L.A.'s Santa Monica
Headed for LA? See if you'd like Fairmont Miramar Hotel on the beach in Santa Monica.

The London NYC, a Chic, All-Suites Luxury Hotel in Midtown Manhattan
If your destination is New York City, The London NYC, an all-suites hotel, has a dead-center Manhattan location.

The Jefferson, a Refined Luxury Boutique Hotel in Washington, DC
See why The Jefferson, a refined boutique hotel in the heart of Washington DC, is a favorite place for luxury travelers to stay in the District.

Le Blanc Spa Resort Cancun, an All-Inclusive Super-Luxury Hotel on the Beach
Le Blanc Spa Resort in Cancun, Mexico, a top-tier, all-inclusive luxury hotel on the beach.

Shangri-La Hotel Toronto: a Dazzling Luxury Hotel in Canada's First City
Headed to Toronto? Here's why the dazzling Shangri-La Hotel Toronto is the talk of the town. See if you'll like it.

The Dolder Grand, a Historic Yet Modern Luxury Hotel in Zurich, Switzerland
The Dolder Grand has what you hope for in a Swiss luxury hotel: Alpine scenery, an irresistible spa, and a two-Michelin-star restaurant.

Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel Chicago, a Dazzling, Affordable Luxury Hotel
Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel Chicago, a bargain Chicago luxury hotel with dazzling design.

Quebec City Luxury Travel Guide
What makes Quebec City such a popular destination in Canada?

Palace Hotel Tokyo: a Refined Luxury Hotel in Japan's Capital City
A professional traveler's opinion of Palace Hotel Tokyo, a refined, modern luxury hotel in Japan.

Top 5 Tempting Reasons to Visit La Paz in Baja California, Mexico
La Paz, Mexico, near Los Cabos, is a great vacation and travel destination for amazing golf, fishing, sailing, and swimmable beaches.

MGallery Hôtel de la Cité, Tops in Medieval Carcassonne, France
MGallery Hotel de la Cite in Carcassonne is your best choice in medieval Carcassonne, France.

The Benjamin, a New York City Hotel that Guarantees Your Good Night's Sleep
The Benjamin Hotel in New York City guarantees a good night's sleep in the heart of midtown Manhattan.

River Terrace Inn, a Modest Luxury Hotel in Napa, California Wine Country
River Terrace Inn in Napa, California, wine country, a modestly priced but very nice hotel with the great Cuvee restaurant.

Quebec City's Top 5 Restaurants for Luxury Travelers
Quebec City, Canada is beautiful and historic, with great dining. These are the five best restaurants.

St. Lucia in the Caribbean: Luxury Travel Destination for Chocolate Lovers

Zoetry Paraiso de la Bonita Riviera Maya, All-Inclusive Luxury Hotel in Mexico
Zoetry Paraiso de la Bonita Riviera Maya, a super-luxury all-inclusive hotel on the beach near Cancun.

Michael Jordan The Steak House N.Y.C.

Renaissance Sao Paulo Hotel, a Luxury Hotel in Brazil's International Mega-City
Here's a good hotel choice in Brazil's sophisticated, international Sao Paulo: Renaissance Sao Paulo Hotel.

Cenote Cave Diving & Snorkeling, the Riviera Maya's Deluxe Adventure
Why jump into a water-filled underground cave in Mexico's Riviera Maya? Because it's a total thrill.

The Ritz-Carlton, Seoul, a Grand Hotel in Bustling Seoul, South Korea
If you're headed to South Korea, is the Ritz-Carlton Seoul Hotel the place for you to stay?

Washington Square Hotel, New York City: Greenwich Village Charm & Moderate Rates
Washington Square Hotel in NYC isn't a luxury hotel. But it's nice, with an incredible Greenwich Village location and moderate rates.

The Langham, Boston: a Refined Luxury Hotel Near Everything in Boston
What is The Langham Boston hotel like, and what does it offer to luxury travelers to Boston?

Top 10 Dining Experiences in Mexico City
What are Mexico City's best dining experiences? Here are the Top 10 restaurants and food places in Mexico City.

The Best Restaurants in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Vancouver is filled with great dining and top chefs. Here, a well-known food critic picks the best restaurants in Vancouver, Canada.

Top 5 Places to Eat in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is famed for glamorous beaches. Rio's food is great, too. Here are Rio's best restaurants and places to eat.

Eagle Island, a Private Island and Nature Retreat Off the Georgia Coast
Eagle Island, a private island off the Georgia coast, with a luxury villa that's a nature lodge.

Terranea Resort, a Dining and Restaurant Destination in Los Angeles, California
There are great hotel restaurants at Terranea Resort in Los Angeles.

Windsor Court Hotel, New Orleans' Top Luxury Hotel
Windsor Court is New Orleans' best luxury hotel, with great rooms, food, views, and service that makes guests feel important.

Toronto's Best Restaurants for Luxury Travelers
Heading to Toronto? Come hungry. Canada's exuberant, restaurant-obsessed First City is a must-visit for foodies. Here's where to eat.

Viceroy Riviera Maya Hotel in Mexico, a Small Luxury Beach Resort for Adults
Viceroy Riviera Maya Hotel near Cancun, a small luxury beach resort in Mexico, for adults only.

Rancho Valencia, an Exquisite Relais & Châteaux Boutique Hotel near San Diego
Rancho Valencia, a super-luxury boutique hotel near San Diego, is Southern California only Relais & Chateaux. It's really nice.

The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua: Maui Luxury Hotel for Hawaii Getaways & Golf
The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua on Maui is a beautiful resort for luxury travelers seeking a family, golf, or romantic vacatio in Hawaii. Will you like it?

Asia's Top 12 Sacred Pilgrimage Sites & Holy Temples
Asia's top 12 sacred pilgrimage sites, holy temples, and religious shrines for luxury travelers and pilgrims of faith.

Top 8 Buenos Aires Luxury Hotels
Hotels you'll love in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Islands of Tahiti, French Polynesia
Which islands of Tahiti, French Polynesia are the best to visit?

Taiwan Photo Gallery
Pictures of beautiful sights in Taiwan, the Republic of China.

Top 10 Luxury Dining Restaurants in Las Vegas
The best luxury dining restaurants in Las Vegas according to the Vegas dining critics who wrote "Eating Las Vegas."

Montreal Jazz Festival, World's Biggest & Best Jazz Fest
The Montreal Jazz Festival is the world's best jazz festival, held during French Canada's glorious summer season. The Montreal Jazz Fest is a party.

St Lucia's Best Luxury Hotels
St. Lucia in the Caribbean is filled with gorgeous hotels and beach resorts. Here's a picky list of the best St. Lucia resorts.

Cancun's Best Restaurants
Where should you eat in Cancun? Here, two American dining critics round up Cancun's best restaurants. Yum.

Swimming with Whale Sharks in Cancun: Terrifying, then Exhilarating
Amazing Cancun offers sand, surf, sun, and fun. Now you can swim in the ocean with Cancun's wild whale sharks, the world's biggest fish. Check it out.

Tahiti Luxury Cruise Ship, the Paul Gauguin
Paul Gauguin luxury cruise passengers get to experience French Polynesia's rarely visited, out-of-the-way islands.

Sublime Samana: Eco-Chic Boutique Hotel on a Perfect Dominican Republic Beach
Sublime Samana in the Dominican Republic is a small, quiet, eco-chic hotel on a magnificent Caribbean beach.

Congress Hall, Historic Beach Hotel in Cape May on the Jersey Shore
Congress Hall is a historic beachfront hotel and resort in Cape May, on the Jersey Shore. See if you'll like staying there.

WIMCO, Luxury Villas for Rent in St. Barts, the Caribbean, Europe, & More
Wimco luxury villas are everywhere, especially on St. Barts, elsewhere in the Caribbean, and Europe.

Quay Restaurant, Chef Peter Gilmore's Culinary Travel Must in Sydney, Australia
Why has Quay restaurant been one of Sydney's best restaurants since 1988, and why is Quay's chef Peter Gilmore so famous in Australia?

Milos Miami, a Must-Experience Greek Seafood Restaurant in South Beach
Estiatorio Milos Miami is the best seafood and fish restaurant in Miami, and one of the best Greek restaurants in the United states.

Hotel Byblos, Jet-Set Luxury Travel Hotel in St. Tropez, French Riviera
Hotel Byblos in St. Tropez, where celebrities and hotels stay in the French Riviera.

Regent Phuket Cape Panwa Thailand Luxury Resort
Regent Phuket Cape Panwa is a lovely luxury beach resort on a legendary Thai isle. Is it your style?

Napa Valley Festival del Sole, Napa's Biggest & Best Annual Celebration
Napa Festival del Sole is California wine country's biggest annual festival, celebrating Napa Valley wine, food, music, and arts every July.

San Luis Obispo County California has Hearst Castle, wineries, food...
Visit San Luis Obispo County in California for Hearst Castle, wineries, food festivals, and beaches.

Hollywood Celebrities Tell You Their Secret Places in L.A.
What do Hollywood celebrities love about their home? Stars tell you their secret places in My City My Los Angeles, a book by Jeryl Brunner.

Phulay Bay, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve: Spectacular Luxury Resort in Thailand
Why are all the travel magazines raving about Phulay Bay Ritz-Carlton Reserve in southern Thailand?

Aventura Mall, a Place to Shop, Lounge & Escape the Miami Sun
Aventura Mall is an amazing shopping and entertainment experience in the Miami area that has redefined "going to the mall."

Ocean Key Resort & Spa: Relaxed, Family-Friendly Hotel in the Heart of Key West
Ocean Key Resort, a family-friendly, four-star Key West hotel, has a sensational location right atop Mallory Square. Will you like Ocean Key?

Luxury Hotels in Wailea on Maui, Hawaii
Wailea is Maui's top luxury travel destination. These are its best hotels.

Medical Tourism, a Booming Form of Luxury Travel
What is medical tourism, why is it so popular? Would traveling for surgery, an operation, or other medical care work for you?

London Luxury Travel Experiences
How posh can a London vacation get? Find out about London's most exclusive and exciting activities for luxury travelers.

Best Luxury Restaurants Santa Fe New Mexico
Santa Fe, New Mexico, incredible dining. These are the best upscale restaurants in Santa Fe, arranged to match your mood.

Best Casual Dining Santa Fe
Santa Fe is known as a foodie town with a love for spicy chiles, great margaritas, and fusion cuisines. Best part: it can come cheap. Here's where.

Four Seasons Resort Nevis Caribbean Luxury Hotel
Four Seasons' only Caribbean location is Four Seasons Resort Nevis. Will you like it? Take this quiz.

Coyote Cafe, Santa Fe's Legendary Southwestern Restaurant
Coyote Cafe, Santa Fe's most famous and best restaurant, boasts celebrity chef Eric DiStefano.

Black Legend Monaco, a Can't-Miss Cultural Experience in Monte Carlo
Why visitors to Monte Carlo and the French Riviera should not miss Black Legend Monaco, a glamorous live music club that celebrates African-American music.

M.S. Rau, New Orleans' World-Class Antiques Shop
Celebrities love M.S. Rau Antiques in New Orleans' French Quarter for its major diamonds and Van Goghs, Monets, and Gauguins.

Live Aqua Cancun All-Inclusive Beach Resort
Thinking of Cancun? Live Aqua Cancun is an upscale, adults-only, all-inclusive hotel. Will you like it? Take this quiz.

Sokos Hotel Palace Bridge, St. Petersburg, Russia
Sokos Hotel Palace Bridge in a St. Petersburg, Russia is a well-situated luxury hotel with a lot of history.

The Pierre Hotel New York: Five-Star Luxury on Central Park
The Pierre Hotel New York: what to expect at this five-star NYC luxury hotel facing Central Park.

Back at the Ranch, a Luxury Cowboy Boot Store in Santa Fe, New Mexico
The USA's most rootin-tootin' cowboy boots come from Back at the Ranch, a must-visit store in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Zihuatanejo, Mexico: a Complete Luxury Travel Guide
A complete luxury travel guide to Zihuatanejo in Mexico. Find out the best Zihuatanejo hotels, restaurants, flights, golf courses, and more.

Labor Day Luxury Travel Getaways for Everyone (Planners or Procrastinators)
Inspired ideas and resources for a Labor Day luxury travel vacation getaway.

Nizuc, Spectacular Resort near Cancun, Mexico
Nizuc hotel near Cancun is one of the most spectacularly designed resorts in Mexico, or anywhere in the world. See what Nizuc Resort is like.

Montreal Best Restaurants
Montreal is French Canada's food-crazed big city and the birthplace of many of today's culinary trends. Here's where to catch the gourmet wave in Montreal.

ONE UN New York Hotel for Stupendous NYC Views
Visiting NYC? ONE UN New York Hotel has an indoor swimming pool, and tennis court plus mesmerizing views of the Empire State and Chrysler Buildings.

The Barnes Foundation: Philadelphia’s Legendary Private Art Museum
The Barnes Foundation art museum in Philadelphia is an experience you will think about for the rest of your life.

Zagreb Croatia Elegant Capital
Zagreb, Croatia's elegant and vibrant capital, is more than a city to change planes in. Get your bragging rights now.

Wuksachi Lodge, Ecotourism Nature Hotel in Sequoia National Park, California
Wuksachi Lodge is the place to stay in Sequoia National Park in California, amidst giant redwood sequoia trees.

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