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Elite Destinations for Luxury Travelers


Luxury travelers have it good these days. Every corner of the world is accessible now, and the ranks of elite destinations are expanding. Today's luxury traveler has a vast choice of beautiful, sophisticated places to visit. Start planning your next upscale vacation with this global guide to elite destinations both old and new.
  1. USA, East of the Mississippi
  2. USA, West of the Mississippi
  3. Oh Canada!
  4. The Caribbean & Mexico
  5. Central & South America
  1. Eternal Europe
  2. Awesome Africa
  3. Astonishing Asia
  4. Australia, New Zealand & the Pacific

USA, East of the Mississippi

Only the cars are new in Dover, Delaware.

The USA's East Coast is America's repository of tradition and history. Yet it is always changing, with exciting new things to see and do, and ever more luxurious hotels and restaurants to savor. Whether you're here on a weekend getaway or a busy destination vacation, your luxury trip on the East Coast will be travel time (and money) well spent.

USA, West of the Mississippi

All aboard Route 66 in New Mexico.

Westward ho, luxury traveler. The stuff of great vacations is all here, in the Rockies, the Southwest, and the Pacific Coast. Anticipate super skiing, luscious desert and mountain scenery, famous beaches, elegant wineries, hipster trends, and celebrity-centered Hollywood.

Oh Canada!

A visitor's first look at Toronto.

The land of the maple leaf flag has become an international powerhouse in commerce and in tourism, too. Canada's rugged scenery is unbeatable, and its marvelous cities of Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec City pamper luxury travelers. And there's lots more to love.

The Caribbean & Mexico

Green Turtle Cay in the Bahamas.

How lucky North Americans are to have these tropical paradises in our own back yard. There's no more relaxed place than the Caribbean, mon. And Mexico tempts with stirring history, fantastic food, and sincere service.

Central & South America

Chamber music in Quito, Ecuador.

What's not to love about a getaway to Central or South America? The US dollar goes to the max, but jetlag is minimal, thanks to longitudinal flights. And you'll find everything you hope for, and more: fabulous cities, charming old towns, beaches, mountains, and ancient yet thriving cultures.

Eternal Europe

Luxembourg Gardens in Paris.

The cradle of Western civilization, Europe is also the lap of luxury. Iits cities an villages are ancient, but visiting them never gets old. And Europe's variety of cultures and landscapes never ceases to amaze.

Awesome Africa

Cheetahs frolic in Masai Mar Preservea, Kenya.

The very word "Africa" conjures mystery and excitement. But this continent where mankind bagan offers more than safari adventure: ancient cultures, ravishing landscapes, thrilling wildlife, and the urbane pleasures of cities, resorts, and wineries.

Astonishing Asia

Taiwan loves visitors.

Asia embodies the ancient, and Asia represents tomorrow. Go and explore the places where organized human culture arose -- and where innovative ways to live and enjoy life are being invented. Eternal Asia will renew your faith in the world.

Australia, New Zealand & the Pacific

French Polynesia is simply perfection.

Traveling to Oceania takes many hours. But you're entering another world. Australia dazzles with its stunning scenery, fast-paced cities, and ancient Aboriginal culture. New Zealand is a peaceful preserve with astounding natural wonders. And the islands of the South Pacific are the most serene spots on Earth. That long flight is worth it.

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