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Hotel Club Floors and VIP Lounges

Is a Hotel Club Floor Room Upgrade Worth It?


Hotel Club Floors and VIP Lounges

A Club Lounge concierge at The Ritz-Carlton, Seoul

©Karen Tina Harrison
Hotel Club Floors and VIP Lounges

Ask the Club Lounge concierge at Eau Palm Beach about the monkey wallpaper. (The martini is self-explanatory.)

©Eau Palm Beach
Hotel Club Floors and VIP Lounges

One of the world's greatest cities is your oyster at Palace Hotel Tokyo.

©Palace Hotel Tokyo

What Is a Hotel Club Floor Room?

A room on the hotel club floor (or executive or VIP floor) is an upgraded room, whether a business hotel or luxury hotel.

Whatever the wording the hotel uses, these accommodations enhance your stay. Hotel club floor guests can anticipate early check-in and late checkout, rooms with extra amenities, and -- best of all-- a club floor lounge with complimentary food, liquor, business center, and other welcome perks.

Club floor rooms cost more. Are theyworth it? In a word, usually. With luxury travel costing what it does, luxury travelers want value. Hotel club floor rooms cost more, but they can provide excellent value.

How Can Guests Get a Hotel Club Floor Room?

Guests garner club-room accommodations a few different ways.

Club rooms are available:

  • For a surcharge to the regular room rate, typically 20 to 30% more
  • As a room upgrade, by cashing in frequent-guest points
Sometimes club room upgrades are "comped" for guests who:
  • Have had a problem with check-in or their assigned room
  • Are loyal to the hotel brand, and belong to its frequent guest program
  • Are clients of a travel agent in Virtuoso or another luxury travel network
  • Are holders of elite credit cards
  • Are hospitality-industry professionals

What Makes Hotel Club Floor Rooms Better?

Club floor rooms are often the same size as rooms on other floors. But since club floors are usually high up, their rooms are quieter and have better views. However, club rooms' main appeal is their in-room extras and the club floor's club lounge.

Club floor rooms enjoy enhanced amenities. They can include many of these:

  • Early check-in and late checkout (usually express or automatic checkout)
  • Direct elevator with key-card access
  • Unpacking and packing services
  • Free Wi-fi
  • Fruit basket and mineral water
  • Robes and take-home slippers
  • Bigger and better toiletries
  • iPod docks
  • Pod coffeemakers
  • Miniature chocolate box with turndown
  • Gift such as a hotel tote bag or umbrella
  • In large hotels, club floors may have their own gyms

The Best Perk of Club Rooms: The Club Lounge

The highlight of club-room accommodations is the club floor's guest lounge. The club lounge is very like a dignified members-only clubroom. It will have long hours, a receptionist, quiet nooks and social areas, food and drinks, and extra guest services.

Club lounges typically offer many of these niceties free of charge:

  • Private concierge service
  • Wi-fi, PC/Internet use, printing, photocopying
  • Private meeting rooms
  • Hot breakfast buffet, often with custom omelets and smoked-salmon platters
  • Several services of food and desserts throughout the day (24 hours at some hotels)
  • Coffee, tea, cappuccino, soda, other beverages
  • Cocktail hour (often lasting several hours)
  • Wine and Champagne at all times (often the hotel's private label)
  • Flight-suitable to-go meals upon checkout
  • Gigantic flat-screen TVs
  • DVD and book libraries
  • Newspapers, magazines, games, cards
  • Automatic massage chair
  • Pet treats at pet-friendly hotels
  • Shoeshine
  • Dry-cleaning and/or pressing
  • Recharging for iPods, iPads, iPhones, Droids, etc.
Should You Spring For a Club Floor?

The answer is probably yes if:

  • The difference between regular and club room rates is minor
  • You'll take advantage of between-meal snacks and/or complimentary liquor
  • You're traveling with kids (many lounges have children's areas and diversions)
  • You simply like hanging out at your hotel

The answer is probably no if:

  • You expect to be out and about for most of your stay
  • You will be entertained and fed by clients or relatives
  • You'd rather lounge in your room and dine and drink outside the hotel

What's the Best Way to Reserve a Club Room?

It's better to get your room upgraded to club floor before you check in. Why? These premium accommodations are in demand and often sell out before other rooms. To clinch a hotel club room:

  • Join and maintain hotel frequent-guest programs
  • Consider using a travel agent such as from the Virtuoso network
  • If you make your own reservation, do so using the hotel's toll-free number
  • However, if the best rate is online, book there and then call the hotel to discuss an upgrade
  • On the other hand, if you do wait until you check in and the club floor is not fully booked, you may be able to negotiate a lower club room surcharge

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