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Viceroy Hotels and Resorts: Design Hotels for Stylish Travelers

This growing hospitality brand is opening design-centric hotels around the world


Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi, an architecture hotel.

The remarkable Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi.

©Viceroy Hotels
Viceroy Anguilla, a Caribean hotel designed by Kelly Wearstler.

Viceroy Anguilla, designed by Kelly Wearstler.

© Viceroy Hotels.
Amazing hotel pool at Viceroy Miami.

That's some pool at Viceroy Miami.

©Viceroy Hotels

Viceroy Hotels, a Stylish Young Hotel Company

In the coming years, luxury travelers are going to be hearing more about Viceroy Hotels. If you were wondering what these fashionable luxury hotels are like and where they are, here some facts about the Viceroy Hotel Group.

What Is the Viceroy Hotel Group?

The Viceroy Hotel Group is a hotel management company that operates individually owned hotel properties on behalf of their private owners. The company is American and based in Los Angeles.

Some Viceroy Hotels are new constructions. Others are "reflags" of existing hotels formerly known by other names, such as Tides Hotels.

As of April 2014, Viceroy operated 11 properties around the world.

Where Viceroy Hotels Are Located

Viceroy hotels are international. They are found in the U.S. Caribbean, Mexico, Maldives, and Abu Dhabi. Viceroy Hotel openings are in the works for Turkey and other global locations.

What Kinds of Hotels Are Viceroy Hotels?

Viceroy Hotels are organized into two varieties: "hotels and resorts" and "urban retreats."

Viceroy hotels and resorts are found in vacation areas such as:

Viceroy Urban Retreats are small boutique hotels suited to both leisure travelers and business travelers. These city hotels are perched in downtown areas of:

Viceroy properties: the master list

What Is the Style of Viceroy Hotels?

The uncompromising high style of Viceroy Hotels is this brand's point of departure. Viceroy hotels can be considered design hotels. A prospective guest booking into a Viceroy hotel, whether a resort or urban property, can expect an elevated level of design throughout the hotel.

Some Viceroy hotels, like the Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi, are spectacular creations of notable architects. Other Viceroy hotels feature interiors by the world's most acclaimed designers:

  • The stunning, exotic look of Viceroy Vagaru Island Maldives was created by Yabu Pushelburg
  • The elegant, modern décor of Viceroy Miami, Santa Monica, Palm Springs, Snowmass, and Anguilla is by designer Kelly Wearstler

What Is the Service Like at Viceroy Hotels?

Service is another priority at Viceroy hotels, where dedicated management creates a guests-first atmosphere. Your Expert found the service at Viceroy Riviera Maya to be five-star hotel service.

Where to Read About Individual Viceroy Hotels

These Viceroy hotels are featured on About:

Where To Find Out More About Viceroy Hotels

Extensive information on this hotel company is found on Viceroy's websites for:

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