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MGallery Hôtel Burdigala: a Boutique Hotel in Wine-Loving Bordeaux, France


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Why Stay at MGallery Hôtel Burdigala in Bordeaux, France?
MGallery Hôtel Burdigala: a Boutique Hotel in Wine-Loving Bordeaux, France

A suite in MGallery Hôtel Burdigala, a design hotel in Bordeaux, France.

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MGallery Hôtel Burdigala is a modern boutique hotel in the city of Bordeaux in southwestern France. An old Roman city that is today France's fifth-largest, Bordeaux offers visitors rich history, fantastic food and wine, and a tourist-friendly attitude that can be hard to come by in Paris.

Renovated and reopened in 2011, MGallery Hôtel Burdigala commemorates the Roman conquerors' name for Bordeaux. The hotel is set a few minutes' walk outside the centuries-old stone arches that delineate Bordeaux's historic city center.

MGallery Hôtel Burdigala is a handsome boutique hotel with 83 rooms and suites. Its strengths are:

  • a very high level of design resulting in absolutely beautiful accommodation
  • a good in-house restaurant and bar

MGallery Hôtel Burdigala is privately owned by a French French couple who are Bordelais and committed to honoring Bordeaux's heritage.

The property is a member of the MGallery boutique brand of Accor Hotels, a French hospitality powerhouse that also owns Sofitel, Novotel, and other brands. MGallery hotels, like the Hotel de la Cité in medieval Carcassonne, are intimate and refined, with signature options that MGallery truthfully terms "memorable moments."

MGallery Hôtel Burdigala is not impressive from the outside. It is set on a dingy block outside Bordeaux's charming city center, and its façade is dull gray stone.

But once guests step inside, their impression of the hotel changes completely. Indeed, MGallery Burdigala is a great-looking boutique hotel with a refined modern look.

MGallery Hôtel Burdigala's spacious lobby is handsome and modern. Guests can follow their noses to a complimentary tray of fresh, house-baked, Bordeaux canelés, tiny custard cakes with caramel crusts.

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