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Monastero Santa Rosa: Luxury Boutique Hotel & Spa on Italy's Amalfi Coast


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A Quick Look at Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa on Italy's Amalfi Coast
Monastero Santa Rosa on the Amalfi Coast of Southern Italy.

Monastero Santa Rosa, lording it over the Tyrrhenian Sea on Italy's Amalfi Coast.

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Monastero Santa Rosa, opened in 2012, is a spectacular luxury hotel in Italy.

Monastero Santa Rosa joins a handful of exclusive luxury hotels on Southern Italy's legendary Amalfi Coast. The hotel features beautiful guest rooms, an excellent restaurant, a full-service spa, and lovely grounds.

Monastero Santa Rosa is both new and old. It is a modern hotel set in a restored 17th-century monastery. Much of the original architecture remains, lending the hotel a strong historic feeling.

Hotel service at Monastero Santa Rosa is attentive and fully English-speaking. Various guest amenities included with room rates: a full breakfast; shuttle service to the beach and to neighboring villages; a strong wifi signal; mineral water; and spa-like bathrooms with sensual Italian toiletries.

What Kinds of Guests Are Happy at Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa

This is a quiet hotel that appeals to refined luxury travelers.

Monastero Santa Rosa's happiest guests are those who are looking for:

  • An intimate boutique hotel
  • A historic hotel with a lot of authenticity and antique flair
  • A serene, low-key luxury hotel to nest in with a partner
  • A hotel with a deluxe spa on-property

Monastero Santa Rosa may not be your hotel style if you seek:

  • An international luxury hotel brand with predictable décor and character
  • A newly constructed hotel with modern design
  • A bigger grand hotel where you can people-watch in a buzzy lobby
  • A location within walking distance of Amalfi or Positano nightlife (Monastero Santa Rosa is a short drive away)
  • A full-service hotel gym (this one consists of a couple of cardio machines on an outdoor deck)
  • A hotel that cater to kids (and that is not perched on a cliff)

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