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Le Negresco: Legendary Grand Hotel in Nice on the French Riviera


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Le Negresco Hotel Is a Legendary French Riviera Hotel. Will It Be Your Style?
Le Negresco Hotel in Nice on the French Riviera.

Le Negresco illuminated for its 100th birthday party in July, 2012.

©Karen Tina Harrison

Why Stay at Le Negresco Hotel? (Or, the Legend of Le Negresco)

Le Negresco Hotel, opened in 1912, is a French Riviera legend. This is a grand hotel: the one with all the stories and the hotel name to drop in the South of France. Le Negresco is a unique establishment whose pedigree, elegance, and love of art personify France. This French Riviera hotel:

  • Is historic yet timeless
  • Has rooms with their own individual décor and personalities
  • Is filled with museum-worthy French art
  • Has fantastic dining
  • Welcomes English speakers
  • Offers refined service, outrageously handsome doormen, and prompt wakeup calls

Where Is Le Negresco Hotel?

Le Negresco is a landmark in Nice, a major town of the French Riviera (known in France as la Côte d'Azur). The hotel and its iconic pink dome perch majestically on the famed Promenade des Anglais, Nice's Mediterranean beachfront boulevard.

Le Negresco is set a short walk from the center of town, yet amidst several of Nice's renowned beach clubs. Conveniently, the French Riviera's Nice Côte d'Azur Airport is a mere 15 minutes from Le Negresco. There is no better location in Nice than this landmark hotel.

Who stays at Le Negresco (famous and not)? And will you like this hotel? >>
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